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How to find us

The main campus (KUA)

The main campus for the Faculty of Humanities is in Njalsgade and Karen Blixensvej in the northern part of the Orestad on Amager. Click on the map to the right to view a larger map of the campus area.

The Contemporary Comics Conference is held in buildings 23 and 24.

By car: You can park at the guest parking lot on Ørestads Boulevard.

By bus: Bus number 12 (from Vesterport Station and the town hall square) and number 33 (from the town hall square).

By metro: Take the metro to Islands Brygge Station. From the station you have a 5-minute walk to the campus area.

How to read room numbers

The blue buildings on the map are the 'Old KUA' - staircases 1-19
The green buildings on the map are the 'New KUA' - buildings 21-25

17-1-32 means room 32 on the ground floor near staircase 17
23-0-49 means room 49 on the ground floor in building 23
(Please note, that in the old buildings the ground floor is '1' but it is '0' in the new buildings)