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Hee Holmen: Vision for comics in New Media: Digital Comix framework

What is the evolution of comics in New Media? While internet and mobile phone cultures occupy our present society, comics seems to be stuck in the old media of printed book. It is true that short, experimental web comics are flourishing. However, lengthy, serialized story comics do not have any common standard or popular framework. Japanese manga, in short, does not have an alternative format in New Media. Japanese serial manga is known for its immersible reading experience created through story management, character development, and fan subculture. How can it be transferred to New Media?

This invites not only creative conversion from printed to digital media, but requires substantial evolution. The first step would be to get a clear understanding of the ontology of manga and new media. In the presentation, I would like to discuss issues concerning the evolution of manga serial comics to New Media, and present a vision for Digital Comix framework. The framework is about easy collaboration among artists, readers and computer, modeled after the Japanese serial comics industry.